3月に入って、FATIGUE SLACKS 2024春夏が始動します。

FATIGUE SLACKSは、ミリタリーに特化したボトムス専門のブランドです。

“ミリタリーパンツを日常的に取り入れる、ひとつの“スタイル”として確立させたい“、FATIGUE SLACKはそういった思いから生まれたブランドです。




私達はミリタリーパンツを日常生活のための万能なスタイルとして思い描いていて、FATIGUE SLACKSはこのビジョンを具現化したブランドです。


FATIGUE SLACKS 2024 Spring/Summer will start in March.

FATIGUE SLACKS is a brand specializing in military bottoms.
FATIGUE SLACKS was born from the idea of "establishing military pants as a "style" that can be incorporated into daily life.

We asked AI about the relationship between military pants and fashion,

”The U.S. military's cargo pants of the 1960s were loved by many people for their simple, practical design and durability, and played an important role in counterculture and fashion. Young people also customized the item and pursued their own unique fashion styles. These pants were suitable for styling that combined utility and casualness."

So it seems.

We envisioned military pants as a versatile style for daily life, and FATIGUE SLACKS is the brand that embodies this vision.