“TREK TRAVELER SHORT” - Focus on Details



THE CORONA UTILITY 2023SS main item, "Trek Traveler".
This item is inspired by an outdoor jacket designed by a US military contractor in the 1980s.
Each detail has a clear concept, and the fact that it is not a fashion item that has been designed without any reason is an appeal common to military wear.

Based on material from the early 90s, I have tried to explain the details of this jacket. Since I am referring to the description from that time, some parts may be a little difficult to understand, but please take a look.



It was designed for members of the Explorers Club, headquartered in NY, USA.
It was designed to be worn when going out for photography or hiking. Basically, when hiking (moving), you keep your hands free for your own safety.
Therefore, large pockets for storing necessary items are important.
It has large pockets on both sides that go around the back. The design is roomy enough with two buttons, and it is also double layered.
There are pockets on both cuffs to accommodate a compass and other small item.
When the backpack is carried on the back, a quilted pad is attached to the back to gently guard the body against even the heaviest of objects. In addition, the front fly has a double zipper-button structure, and the buttons are positioned alternately on the left and right sides, providing a perfect guard against wind.
The collar is also double-layered and has an interior hood.
The waist has a thick, sturdy loop through which you can pass a climbing belt, allowing you to attach many tools to the belt.